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Social Purpose Corporations
Incorporating Good Into Washington Business

Social Purpose Corporations are a form of for-profit incorporation available in Washington State supporting socially responsible business. Being an SPC allows your company legal means to maximize financial returns while providing a positive impact on employees, community and/or the environment.




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A type of for-profit corporation providing the legal means to go beyond maximizing financial profit to include positive social or environmental impact.
As of June 1 2014, there are 103 registered SPCs (20 are inactive). From international development to roller derby, find out what work social purpose is getting done.
Already made the choice to ensure your values are deep in your business? Here's how you can put Social Purpose Corporation at the end of your name.
We've got supporters and skeptics, champions and challengers. We believe the impact of social enterprise grows the more we all know. Share your ideas.
The impact and outcomes of SPCs are evolving. Get involved and include all business wherever they are on the road to better impact for our community. Find out more.
Share your social purpose through required annual reporting. Tell your story and see how other SPCs talk about their social and environmental impact.
Get to know the ecosystem for social enterprise. Discover SPC professionals working to help business build success around social purpose.
We want to have an open space where we can share information, advocate for and amplify the impact of SPCs and social enterprise in Washington. Join in.



What is the role of business in Washington state?

What is the full impact of business on our community? How can we demand corporations be responsible citizens while still keeping our economy strong?


Being a responsible corporation is more than saying you’re a “green” company. You can choose to conduct your business based on your values and your social purpose. And as responsible citizens, it’s about more than simply buying green labels. We can demand that our corporations do good while doing well and we can be the ones who make sure they hold true to those promises.


Washington state’s Social Purpose Corporation (SPC) is a step in that direction. Together we can help business—from startups to global corporations—succeed while benefitting our community. It’s up to us to ask that corporations share our community values, live up to that shared purpose and for us all to be good citizens.