Becoming an SPC


How to incorporate with a purpose

  • You can file to become an SPC on your own. Becoming an SPC requires you to define your social purpose and file with the Secretary of State.
  • Remember, it’s a good idea to check with an attorney to see what form of incorporation is best for your company.

So now you’re an SPC. What to do next.

  • Here are some things SPCs are required to do.
  • We’ll be developing toolkits to help both Social Purpose Corporations magnify and share their work and for the public to learn more about the impact social purpose has on our state. Share with us what you would like to see.

Help your SPC grow

  • Find support to help define your social purpose, maintain your SPC standing and effectively communicate what your impact is about.
  • Learn how to integrate responsible corporate governance with strategic planning and operations including measurements, transparency and authenticity.