One year of SPCs done & dusted. And now…

The Hub Seattle hosted a party and meetup to celebrate one year of social purpose corporations in Washington state and to toast the 46 businesses that have incorporated as SPCs–about to be 47. Great to see everyone from attorneys and investment professionals to brilliant small business owners talking about what SPCs are and what they can be. We’re excited to see the growth and we look forward to the momentum continuing.


The evening featured a good conversation about that very thing: what is coming up next. We asked participants to contribute to some postings on the walls and got some challenges and inspiration as a result. Here’s some responses:


Q. What best practices can we share for monitoring and measuring social impact?


  • SPC should create a survey/report on social purpose in Washington. Take the example of Edelman’s Social Purpose Report.


Q. What resources/services would help your business choose to be a SPC?


  • Examples of SPC Annual Reports to review.
  • One-hour ‘get to know the SPC process’ presentations to interested corporations.


Q. How can we best support and expand the SPC community?


  • Create an SPC Chamber of Commerce.
  • Sponsor local/community events where large numbers of people/business owners could hear about SPCs (BGI’s upcoming 9/2013 Town Hall event = Vandana Shiva = head liner.
  • SPC focused start-up weekends, angel conferences, etc.
  • Involved CSR Reps from major brands in Seattle
  • Convert local, ‘do good’ businesses to the SPC model — examples, Theo Chocolate, Puravida Coffee


I’m particularly inspired by the SPC Chamber of Commerce idea, something that the community can really sink its teeth into and can be a point of inspiration for all business in Washington state. I also love the great ideas for getting the word out about SPCs.


What other ideas are out there and how can we make them happen? Let’s get started…



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