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There is an entire ecosystem of organizations just waiting to connect you to your passions. Discover places and events you can meet others interested in social purpose and come back to share with us.

See who is behind SPCWa.com, what we hope this site can achieve and what we are all about.

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Here’s some of the things we’d like to see evolve on this site. What’s your vision? Want to be part of it? Have a story to tell? Contact us at [email protected].

Present a clear and articulate vocabulary for telling the SPC story

What does it mean to say you have social purpose? What kind of language do we need to effectively share this with the broad communities across our state?

Develop a process for targeting and identifying social purpose

Do you know a company that works from the heart and shows its values in their business? Should they become an SPC? How do we welcome those who are uncertain about a new direction for corporate behavior?

Offer toolkits for becoming an SPC

We address this in the How To Be SPC section. What additional tools would be helpful, either for those just starting social enterprise or for those who are already there?

Provide metrics to achieve SPC goals

SPCs must report annually on their social purpose as part of the requirements. In what ways can we unify this? Should there be a form of enforcement? What would that look like? How can that become meaningful to our state? How are we reporting and how can we create a lexicon for SPCs to report out their collective impact?

Share skills development and best practices

Who is doing it best? Who has innovative ideas? How can we help each other to grow in this area? Can we develop a feedback loop process to continue growth? What’s the best way to share information?

Create a network of SPCs

We’ve begun this at the Who Are SPCs section and want to develop what each social purpose is for all Washington State SPCs. How can this network help each other to grow? Should we create e-mail lists?  Surveys? What are other ways to coordinate our efforts and make good impact easier? How can we categorize SPCs and their impact?

Educate about certifications and third-party assessment options

What do all those certifications mean? How many are out there? Do they matter? Should they matter? How can we help SPCs wade through those requirements and how can we help the public understand them so they deliver meaning?

Celebrate successful SPCs and their community impact

Think Oscars for SPCs! How do we reward those doing the best and encourage others to do even better?

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