About This Site

We are independent professionals creating a space for Social Purpose Corporations to share information about SPCs, advocate for effective SPCs and to amplify the impact of the SPC model on business.

Social Purpose Corporations were signed into law in Washington state on June 7, 2012. There has been a lot of discussion about the merits and pitfalls of SPCs, along with webinars, blogs and conversations about what it means to be a social enterprise, get value out of the triple bottom line and what all these corporations, regulations, certifications, declarations, and other types of -tions mean. We’re all figuring this out together.

No matter what form they take, we all benefit from corporations that incorporate their values into how they conduct their business. As consultants and professionals interested in how all business can—and should—make positive impact on our community, we embrace and support the SPC form of incorporation. So we created this space to start up the conversation about how we can help SPCs deliver and identify their social impact and value, share ways to measure SPC impact individually and collectively, and support the SPC model to make that impact more effective.

We are passionate about working to incorporate good into Washington business. We are neither a corporation nor a nonprofit (nor are we offering any kind of legal advice with this website, only presenting information). We highly recommend you talk with your attorney for corporate formation matters. We offer independent services, available in the How To Be SPC section, to help SPCs and other businesses to be responsible citizens.

Credit where credit is due

This site was created, written and designed by Andrea Gates Sanford and Ryan Ceurvorst of Tango Foxtrot—communications for good.

Invaluable support, excellent advice and good humor came from attorneys Peter Smith at Apex Law Group and Drew Markham with RealNetworks (Drew was also instrumental in leading the legislation for Social Purpose Corporations, working with the Washington State Bar Association) along with Todd MacDonald of BMergent and Cressida Slote of Viridian Strategy Group LLC. We launched the site in June 2013.

Special thanks for everything we manage to squeeze out of the marvelous talents of Casey Dilloway, Community Sourced Capital, SPC.

Groundwork, encouragement and foundational support came from Laura Johnson of Honest Goods and Ammen Jordan with Energy Friendly Ventures. Ammen was responsible for launching the Seattle Social Purpose Corporation Meetup group and getting this whole community talking in the first place.

Thanks to Brian Howe and Lindsey Engh at the Impact Hub Seattle for always having a place to get together, speak up and be bold.

Alma Lorraine Bone Constable of TayaSola, SPC and Carol Sanford, author of The Responsible Business, keep us inspired and moving forward.

Of course, everyone should always listen any time John Sechrest is willing to share his bottomless expertise about startups or social enterprise. He’s encouraging, incisive and honest. You couldn’t ask for a better mentor.

Comments & moderation

We moderate this site and all comments and submissions. There’s lots of places on the Internet to find spam and trolls if that’s your thing. We’d rather this not be one of them.

We want this site to be welcoming to everyone, and to be informative and helpful, kind of like a good networking party. We want feedback and we want to hear your voice. We encourage any point of view about enterprise, social or otherwise, but abusive* and irrelevant* commentary isn’t going to be permitted and you won’t be let into the party. Just like real life.

* and yes, that’s determined by us. Deal with it. You’re welcome to try and convince us otherwise, but basically we just want everyone to play nice. If you wouldn’t say it to your mother, then don’t say it here.