Social Purpose Corporations -
List of SPCs

As of June 1 2014 there are 83 active* registered Social Purpose Corporations in Washington.

Each of these organizations has stated their intent to provide a positive impact in the way they conduct business and are required to consider the impacts of the declared social purposes of the corporation. These effects can be environmental or social, and can include the corporation’s employees, supply chain, customers, or the greater community, including local, state, national or world.


Click on any of the SPCs below to go to their website and learn more or go to Industry Sectors and Social Purpose to search by industry. If you’d like your SPC listed or we have the wrong link, please contact us and we’ll make it happen.


• 4 Good, SPC


Acme Carvers SPC


Agrilicious SPC


Aloha International Steel Guitar Club, SPC


• Amplified Impact, SPC


• Anacortes Center For Happiness, SPC


Anderson York, SPC


• Being Collective SPC (inactive)


Biocellion, SPC


Bossology SPC (inactive)


Bubble Busters, SPC


Burton Cultural And Educational Exchange Foundation, SPC


• Cascadian Ingenuities, SPC


• Catalyst 2030: A Social Purpose Corporation (inactive)


• Change Catalyst – A Social Purpose Corporation (inactive)


• Charitylist, SPC


• Collaborative Impact SPC


• Community Sourced Capital, SPC


Compensation Venture Group, SPC


• Consistent Care Services, SPC


Craft Star Social Purpose Corporation


Daily Bird Pottery, Social Purpose Corporation


Edencrest Enterprises, SPC


• Engage Strategies, SPC


• EOS Healing, SPC


Essay Mentors, Social Purpose Corporation


• Flatcle, SPC


Fofcee Coffee, SPC


• Food and Beverage Standards Certification Association, SPC


Fuse, SPC


Game It Forward, SPC


• GDP Group, LTD. SPC


• Geoship, SPC


• Get Your Shit Together, SPC (inactive)


Global Health – Creative Family Solutions SPC (inactive)


• Grips Fore Good, SPC


• Healthcare, SPC


Hydrobee, SPC


Ibeatanxiety SPC  (inactive)


• Innovative Business Works SPC  (inactive)


• Investor Voice, SPC


• Jefferson County Cannabis, SPC


• Joshu Labs, SPC


• Kazika Social Purpose Corporation


• Larkspur Nail Company, SPC


• Larry Heggerness Social Purpose Professional Corporation




• Leechcraft & Wortcunning, SPC


• Linksbridge, SPC


• Maggymoo Sokks, SPC


• Make A Stand Inc. SPC (inactive)


• Mokm SPC (inactive)


• Moore Sports SPC (inactive)


• Movingworlds SPC


• MTT Holdings, Inc. SPC


• National Health Awareness Organization, SPC


• New Dawn Creations, SPC (inactive)


• Newground Social Investment, SPC


Nura Health, SPC


• O.M.G SPC (inactive)


• OK Vegetable Works, SPC


Olympia Hempfest, SPC


• Oneworld Roller Derby SPC


• Peace Games International SPC (inactive)


• Pethero SPC


Promise Health, A Social Purpose Corporation


• Propel Strategies, SPC


Quene Cannabis, SPC


Rallysong, SPC


• RCDC Northwest, SPC (inactive)


• Redbird Social Ventures, SPC


Research Stir, SPC


• Royal Cause SPC


• Sartori Dance S.P.C.


Sera Voca, SPC


• Snohomish Soap Company, SPC


• Social Psych Solutions: A Social Purpose Corporation (inactive)


Sovereign Strong, SPC


• Spokane Youth Softball Tournaments, SPC


Spotted Owl Organics, SPC


• Startmark, SPC


• Starvation Alley Social Purpose Corporation


• Strategic Ingenuity, A Social Purpose Corporation


Summit Pathways Corporation SPC (inactive)


• Synapse SPC


• Syzygy Advisors, SPC


• Tayasola, SPC


• Terra Communities, SPC


• Terraheating, SPC


The Bloom Woods, SPC


• The Clearing, SPC


• The Institute for Better Governance, SPC


• The One Cup Project, SPC


Ubrlocal, SPC


VenturScale, SPC


• Wearthegood, SPC


• Wholeschool Social Purpose Corporation (inactive)


• Workshop Enterprises, SPC, Inc


• World Horse Organization, SPC


• Worldly Markets, SPC (inactive)


• Youth Alliance For Global Investment, SPC


• Youth Centric SPC (inactive)


• Z Girls SPC


• Zeropoint Financial Group, SPC


* NOTE: There are 103 total Social Purpose Corporations registered: 57 SPCs have active website and contact information. 20 are listed as inactive. To search for current registered status of any SPC, click here and select “social purpose corporations” from the Category drop down menu.