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Discover the different impact these SPC businesses make and see what corporations can do for Washington state.

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* NOTE: As of June 1, 2014 there are 103 total Social Purpose Corporations registered: 57 SPCs have active website and contact information. 20 are listed as inactive. 




  • UbrLocal:  A growing community of urban food enthusiasts building stronger communities and economies through food and trust.
  • Starvation Alley Farms: Supporting the health and livelihood of farmers, our family, our community, and the land that nurtures us.
  • Agrilicious: Expanding the family-farmer connection, while celebrating the food experiences and the benefits this brings about.




  • Maggymoo Sokks: Retail—Our designs are created to be as comfortable as possible while protecting dogs from themselves! We lovingly do this so our four-legged friends can feel great again and get on the Court of Life with their family – and Play!
  • World Horse Organization: Serving as an educational resource for pertinent topics in the horse industry, building stronger partnerships globally, encourage collaboration among all nations, and help build healthy sustainability for the horse world.
  • PetHero: Uses technology to keep pets safe and raise money for education through greater partnership between schools, businesses and the community




  • VentureScale:  Accelerating the sustainable growth of social ventures
  • Collaborative Impact: Developing and managing highly effective cross-sector and multi-stakeholder partnerships that address major social and developmental challenges. Our goals are to improve the quality of partnership design, management and implementation, and helping to increase effectiveness in addressing the major challenges humankind faces.
  • Change Catalyst: We empower corporations, non-profits and governments to increase their positive impact with strategy, branding and storytelling campaigns.
  • Investor Voice: develops and implements robust shareholder engagement strategies for institutions, individuals, and non-profits. To directly advocate for changes in company policies or practices – changes that can benefit a company’s reputation & profitability, in addition to the environment, communities, and people.
  • Amplified Impact: Socially-minded company, a group put together to identify impact, “focus is helping companies incorporate a social innovation strategy that positively impacts business performance, people and the planet”
  • Linksbridge: We charge enough to compensate our employees equitably, but because we are a registered social purpose enterprise, we are able to make business decisions based on their larger social impact, not simply their impact on our revenue and profitability.




  • Fuse: Providing coworking environments and resources for nomadic workers, nontraditional employees, startups and small businesses to support growth and champion enthusiasm through ideas, abilities, and resources of the entrepreneurial community.
  • Catalyst 2030:  Driving collective impact by showcasing success, coordinating cross-sector access to best practices, and motivating others to take action.
  • Anacortes Center for Happiness:  Providing joy, growth, connection and kindness to its patrons and anyone associated with it – as well as the local, state, national and world community.
  • The Bloom Woods: A dynamic, home style, all-welcoming adventure retreat center.




  • Rallysong: We exist to inspire artists and fans to take action for important causes.
  • Aloha International Steel Guitar Club: Promoting Hawaiian steel guitar and the traditional style of playing, in order to form a bond among all those who love Hawaiian music and enjoy the Hawaiian history and culture.



  • Flatcle: Korean Information Technology & Services
  • Burton Cultural and Educational Exchange: Helping facilitate and bring together companies and education groups, while fostering trade and cooperation between nations. Promoting and implementation of cultural & educational exchanges between China, the US, Canada and other countries.




  • 4 Good: To strengthen nonprofit organizations and social enterprises by connecting like-minded professionals and community members, and by empowering the sharing of a wealth of resources from which they may benefit.
  • Make A Stand: Profits help end child slavery. Liquidation is acquisition. building a brand that will become the most scalable and sustainable “engine of change” the anti-slavery movement has ever seen
  • National Health Awareness Organization: The National Health Awareness Organization, SPC (NHAO) is a social purpose corporation which partners across industries with the finest companies, celebrities, and volunteers who share our passion for promoting healthy living. We are a professional fundraiser which serves a social purpose to increase health awareness while raising funds for health related nonprofits and charities.
  • Strategic Ingenuity: We help nonprofits find the tools, technology, and words they need to make their vision a reality




  • OneWorld Roller Derby: A community designed for growth and inclusiveness. Our mission is to mainstream the sport of roller derby and contribute to personal health and wellness for all participants by creating a safe environment to learn, increase self-confidence, realize potential, make social connections and experience overall growth through the sport of Roller Derby with an emphasis on sportsmanship, positive attitudes and athleticism.
  • Z Girls: Our mission is to empower girls with confidence, courage, and community. We envision a world where all girls live with ZERO limitations today, so that they realize their full potential tomorrow.




  • MovingWorlds: We are focused on accelerating social progress while connecting people to life-enriching experiences. MovingWorlds is a registered Social Purpose Corporation (aka Benefit Corporation) with global headquarters in Seattle, WA, USA, and Santiago, Chile. We are tracking to become members of the following social impact networks: B Corp, ANDE, 1% for the Planet




  • Terra Communities: A woman owned community development team, formed in 2012 with the intention of creating a unique green building and smart growth cohousing community on a 4-acre property in Happy Valley on the south side of Bellingham, Washington.




  • Nura Health: To maximize the value of Integrative medicine for employer-based health plans and their members.
  • Compensation Venture Group:




  • Essay Mentors: To expand access to a quality college education for students in at-risk, disadvantaged or under-served populations.




  • TayaSola: To demythologize solar energy, in order for communities to have the knowledge to create their own energy solutions.
  • Hydrobee: To improve the personal energy security of millions of people living in energy poverty.
  • Craft Star: To promote sustainable living environments and maintain an employee-positive working environment
  • TerraHeating: To reduce the use of energy in the US while saving our customers money and ensuring they have access to the heating and cooling they need in their homes.




  • Community Sourced Capital: To use sustainable finance solutions to help local economies thrive.
  • Newground Social Investment: Newground’s mission is to harness the power of business for good — in service to our clients’ long-term financial needs as well as to the human yearning for strong and resilient communities, a healthy environment, and a robust, sustainable, and locally-determined economy.




  • The Clearing: The Clearing provides a new kind of residential treatment facility focusing on people having issues with addictive behaviors, emotional stability, life transition and eating disorders
  • Edencrest Enterprises: provides services to individuals who are embracing life transitions. This may include career and/or health-related interests and may also provide guidance in the decision-making processes that are essential when facing big changes as we travel life’s path.




  • • Larry Heggerness: A dentist who cares about his community



  • Anderson York: Low bono family law attorneys.




  • Sovreign Strong: A fashion forward clothing line that gives back profits to support nonprofit organizations
  • Snohomish Soap Company: Our mission at Snohomish Soap is above all to create an “authentically local” handmade soap that surpasses all of the others in terms of fragrance, beauty and quality. We also work with women who (for whatever reason) are unable to find employment outside their homes.
  • Game It Forward: Create fun games that have a positive impact on society. We use the compelling, interactive nature of game-play to support education, science, health care, personal development, and variety of charitable causes.




  • Daily Bird Pottery: Everyday art, in touch with your everyday life
  • Acme Carvers: To empower carving artists to pursue their creativity using novel tools and techniques while making use of ethically and responsibly sourced materials and local resources whenever possible. It will also promote the commercial sale and and distribution of carved products.




  • Jefferson County Cannabis: to be the most generous company in the world. As we grow we want to not only produce the best cannabis products in the Pacific Northwest but also bring about positive meaningful change in our community and beyond
  • Olympia Hempfest:
  • Quene Cannabis:




  • The One Cup Project: Every $12 bag you buy at sends a $2 donation to World Vision, which is then multiplied 5.5x by matching grant partners (USAID and other organizations) so $12 goes to fund the good work World Vision does in Africa.
  • Fofcee Coffee: to take care of our customers, our employees, the environment, and the people that grow our coffee




  • Biocellion: Computer Simulation of Living Cell Systems
  • Research Stir: to foster the advancement of biomedical research by promoting and supporting the sharing of Biological Research Materials. We provide professional services for scientists and life sciences and medical research institutions.

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