Why Become an SPC?

SPCs walk their talk.

Sustainability can help YOU!


SPC incorporation provides broad regulations for all companies from startups to established corporations. Let’s say a business is already following clear and well-intentioned values, for example:


• Considering the environment in every business decision

• Providing employees with good benefits and community volunteer engagement opportunities

• Making responsible social choices throughout the supply chain

• Supporting community non-profits, activities, schools and events


Declaring and sharing those values incorporated into your business allows companies to clearly state their business impact on their community.


See the longer view


It’s much easier to do the right thing in the long-term—that is, considering the interests of society and the environment—without being forced to compromise in order to meet your immediate financial needs. Your company is able to remain sustainable and true to your values doing well by doing good, even in cases where the financial bottom line is paramount. You can focus on your business growth while upholding your values.


Establishing and reporting on your declared social purpose also provides a method of ongoing dialogue with your shareholders. Incorporating your values into the very DNA of your organization identifies how you work to benefit our state’s economy or provide high-quality jobs. It encourages the melding of Washington’s entrepreneurial drive and our humanitarian mindset.


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your business efficiently while maintaining your socially-minded mission. Washington’s Social Purpose Corporation model offers legal protection to make choices that are in line with your core values. And 72% of Americans believe it is important to buy from green companies.

 Sharing your story of social and environmental purpose with clarity brings authenticity and value to your business, differentiating you from your competition in the sometimes overwhelming sea-of-green sustainability bandwagon. Being an SPC and reporting on your social purpose identifies your dedication to social, environmental and/or community causes, without incurring any additional liability. Meet and exceed regulations before they become a cost to you.

Create consumer awareness and set yourselves ahead in a rapidly cluttering marketplace of green business. Become a leader in Washington State as one of the first to become a Social Purpose Corporation or simply provide focus and transparency while reporting your social purpose goals.

Nationwide, over half of benefit corporations have increased jobs by more than 5 percent over the last 24 months. Washington State’s SPCs can provide high quality jobs with better compensation and benefits, flexible work environment and more employee ownership opportunities.

 The SPC model allows these businesses to look for investors who are seeking investment with values, looking at ways for their money to have social and environmental impact. Over $145 million has been invested by social venture capitalists in more than 220 benefit corporations nationwide since 1992.